Jeremy Corbyn Urged By Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) To Discipline MPs Who Back Anti-Blair Motion

“Parliament must hold to account, including Tony Blair, those who took us into this particular war.”

When Davis was invited to join the Cabinet in July, Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood told him that he would have to withdraw his name from the motion. Davis agreed to do so.

Blair’s allies deny that his note to Bush – months before the war – proves he said one thing to MPs and another in private.

They point out that Sir John Chilcot did not conclude that Blair had lied or misled MPs.

However, he told the Liaison Committee: “I absolve him [Blair] from a personal and demonstrable decision to deceive parliament or the public – to state falsehoods, knowing them to be false.”

At the PLP meeting, some MPs criticised Corbyn’s decision to praise Fidel Castro’s “heroism” in a tribue to the late Cuban leader.

Others questioned why Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, was being sent to Havana to represent the party at Castro’s funeral this coming weekend.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is not going to the funeral and Minister of State Sir Alan Duncan is expected to represent the UK Government instead.

Corbyn’s office announced on Monday that he would not be attending the funeral himself.

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