Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘Effective’ Leadership A Key Factor In David Cameron’s Downfall, Aides Say

Cameron announced on Monday that he was quitting as an MP, less than three months since he suffered the humiliation of losing the EU referendum.

His demise was accelerated by the fast-tracked Tory leadership contest, which ended with May taking over within weeks of the Brexit result.

Since Corbyn became leader in September 2015, many Labour MPs have pointed to dire opinion poll ratings suggesting the party is heading for a series defeat in a general election.

But Corbyn has countered by citing his clearer opposition on austerity and cuts, as well as a string of U-turns on issues such as tax credits, disability benefit, compulsory academies, trade union curbs and Saudi prisons.

Aides said that “what happened in the chamber today”, with Labour MPs showing “unity behind the leader”, proved how the party could work with Corbyn to take the fight to the Conservatives.

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