Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Suffers Worst Opinion Poll Deficit Ever As Leader Celebrates Anniversary

Corbyn’s most senior ally, his shadow chancellor John McDonnell, retorted by predicting Labour MPs’ divisions would heal after the leadership election was over.

“What I hope happens at the end of this election campaign, that phrase ‘what’s said on tour, remains on tour’ I think will apply,” he told the BBC’s Pienaar’s Politics.

“Once the decision is made, the ballot is cast and we have the count, I think Labour MPs, the vast bulk of them and the vast bulk of our membership, the whole of the movement, I think, will unite behind the new leader.”

McDonnell added that he hoped Owen Smith would re-join the shadow cabinet if the challenger failed in his pursuit to become leader.

“I have always looked upon him as a mate, I have always looked upon him as someone who is incredibly talented and someone who could, I think, make a major contribution,” he said.


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