Jeremy Corbyn’s Scottish Secretary Dave Anderson Wants To Quit Job To Give It ‘Attention It Deserves’

The Edinburgh South MP, who is the only Labour MP left in Scotland, said Anderson “couldn’t be more wrong”.

“The choice is now clear for Scottish Labour members and supporters: if you believe in the UK and think this is wrong then you must vote for Owen Smith,” Murray said, in a plea to voters ahead of the party’s leadership election.

“Remember the Tories spending millions on billboard posters across marginal seats in England and Wales at the General Election in 2015 with the picture of Ed Miliband in Salmond’s pocket with ‘vote Conservative’? It cost Labour dozens of seats in England and Wales.”

“With Owen Smith: No deal with a party that wants to break up the UK; with Jeremy Corbyn: Alliance with the SNP.”

Two Labour MSPs, Jackie Baillie and James Kelly, both joined Murray in defending the Shadow Scottish Secretary’s comments. 

“Scottish Labour does not support a UK government deal with the SNP,” Baillie said, revealing the split between the Labour party in Scotland and the one under Corbyn’s direction in Westminster.

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