Jeremy Corbyn’s Train Story Timeline: How The Labour Leader’s Claims Changed

23 August, 17:51

Unreserved seats free but blocked by bags

Corbyn’s team revised that claim less than 50 minutes later. It told the BBC that some of those seats shown unoccupied in the picture had bags on them – “which appeared to belong to people who had gone to the toilet”.

23 August, 21:00

‘Wanted to sit with wife’

That account was changed again a few hours after, when a source in the Corbyn camp revealed the Labour leader had walked past empty unreserved seats without bags on.

They told the Guardian he had shunned them in favour of the floor as there were no two seats together and he wanted to sit with his wife, Laura Alvarez. 

23 August, later that evening

‘That’s nonsense’

That allegation was flatly denied by other sources in Jeremy for Leader. One told the Mirror’s Jack Blanchard that the claim was “nonsense”, while the Sun’s Harry Cole was told: “That line about only wanting to sit with his wife is nonsense and not from us.”

24 August, 10:40

‘Wanted to sit with wife’

Corbyn held a press conference the following day when he was asked about the rubbished claims concerning his wife.

He revealed first that he turned down seats as there were no two together for him and his wife: “I looked for two empty seats together so I could sit down with my wife to talk to her – that was impossible.”

Then he upped the minimum number of seats he had been looking for, saying of the team that joined him on his journey: “There wasn’t a place for us all to sit down.”

At time of writing, this was the most recent explanation given.

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