Jeremy Corbyn’s Traingate Spat With Richard Branson ‘Shows The Establishment Is Petrified’, Says Campaign Director Sam Tarry

One Tweeter was labelled a “Train Gate Truther” for their enthusiasm for looking for reasons to suggest the footage was faked.

Corbyn himself later addressed the Newham rally, as did Shadow Health Secretary Diane Abbott, one of his most ardent supporters.

Abbott said Corbyn had been put under “appalling pressure” by the media and by Labour MPs. “It has not been the easiest of times for Jeremy and his family but he has delivered on what he thinks is his duty to the Labour movement,” she said.

“Despite the attacks from within the Labour Party, despite the horrible media treatment, despite all the forces ranged against this campaign for the leadership we are going to carry Jeremy Corbyn home, we are going to make sure he wins this leadership battle and we are going to put him in No.10 Downing Street.”

Earlier in the evening, it was announced two people due to speak were running late because “the train Gods are not smiling on us”.

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