Jeremy Hunt Admits To Fudging £10bn Funding Pledge For NHS

During the meeting the Chief Executive of NHS England Simon Stevens told the committee “we didn’t get the cash the NHS said it needed” for 2017 – 2019. He said these years would be “challenging” and “a hill to climb”.

A recent Health Select Committee report put the overall extra NHS spending at £4.5bn a year by 2020, rather than the £10bn promised.

Defending the funding decision, Hunt told the committee:

“”Whether you call if £4.5bn or call it £10bn it is what the NHS said it needed” .

Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth said the admissions showed the Tories had failed to “give the NHS the money it needs to protect patient care”. 

“Despite all of the Government’s spin, the Chief Executive of the NHS made clear that the NHS did not get the funding it asked for over the next four years and has a ‘hill to climb’ to maintain current services”, he said.

“The dramatic decline in NHS finances over the past few years has left AE departments at breaking point, hospital wards dangerously overcrowded and millions of patients having to wait months for essential operations.  

“Theresa May needs to stop ignoring the warnings from NHS bosses and start taking action to address the cash crisis facing the health service.”

Shadow Heath Minister Justin Madders called the revelations “astonishing”:

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