Jeremy Hunt To Replace Overseas Doctors With ‘Home-Grown’ Staff

Abbott said: “The true picture is that the NHS has never been in a more perilous state and the Tories are cutting the health budget by £22 billion.

“The reality is that Hunt has lost the trust of the medical profession and is the least popular Health Minister in recent history. Morale amongst NHS staff is at rock bottom and Hunt has shown once again just how little regard he has for the hard-working people that keep our health service running.”

Nuffield Trust Chief Executive Nigel Edwards said increasing the number of UK-trained medical staff was “long overdue”.

“However, if this new announcement involves simply replacing overseas doctors with UK-trained ones, that won’t increase the total number working in the NHS, and certainly won’t solve the agency staff crisis that is affecting the NHS right now.”

The BMA Cohort Doctor report, a ten year study of 430 doctors found 42 per cent of cohort doctors plan to practise overseas, a slight increase on previous years.

Some 10 per cent have applied for a ‘certificate of good standing’ with a view to working abroad. Compared to previous points in their careers, the majority stated that they are now more likely to consider working overseas or leaving medicine, but are less likely to consider changing their specialty.

But Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive, NHS Employers, welcomed the Hunt proposals.

“Employers will welcome this significant investment to boost the number of training places for doctors.  This should help address the challenges we face in filling rotas in many areas and support the longer term transformation of our services.”

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