Jeremy Hunt Under Fire As NHS ‘High Risk’ Repairs Backlog Soars By 69%

Labour made crumbling hospitals and schools a central feature of its election campaigns in the run up to its 1997 landslide under Tony Blair.

According to NHS Estates, “high risk maintenance” is classed as that which “must be addressed with urgent priority in order to prevent catastrophic failure, major disruption to clinical services or deficiencies in safety liable to cause serious injury and/or prosecution.”

There are 1,068 sites operated by NHS trusts which report an overall maintenance backlog.

Ten sites alone have a high-risk backlog of over £10 million.

Hunt said that Labour’s 2010 manifesto wanted to cut the NHS budget and in 2015 it offered just £2.5bn of the £8bn NHS England wanted.

“It’s not enough to found the NHS, you have to fund it,” Hunt said.

He conceded that “there is financial pressure” on the system, and said the Government would deliver on its pledges to maintain the highest standards of care/

When asked by Labour MPs today if the NHS would get the £350m a week extra promised by the Vote Leave campaign, Hunt replied: “No one would be more delighted than the Health Secretary if we had a Brexit bonus for the NHS”.

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