Jess Phillips Jokes Labour Mayors Can Go On ‘An Actual Man Date’ After Another Male Candidate Is Picked

Labour has never had a permanent female leader – with Margaret Beckett and Harriet Harman only serving in an interim capacity.

In last year’s leadership contest, the two female candidates – Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall – came behind Andy Burnham and winner Jeremy Corbyn.

Tom Watson prevailed in the Deputy Leadership contest – beating Stella Creasy, Caroline Flint and Angela Eagle.

Eagle went on to challenge Corbyn for the Labour leadership in July, but MPs opted to back Owen Smith as the “unity candidate” instead.

In her first Prime Minster’s Questions as the Tory leader, Theresa May mocked Labour for never having had a women leader while the Conservatives had just elected their second.

She said: “You refer to me as the second woman Prime Minister, in my years here in this House I’ve long heard the Labour Party asking what the Conservative Party does for women – well, it just keeps making us Prime Minister.”

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