Jo Cox Widower Brendan Condemns Nigel Farage And Brexit ‘Breaking Point’ Poster

“Yet it happened in a context that makes such aberrations more likely — one in which pro-Brexit posters featuring a picture of Syrian families seeking safety claimed the country was at ‘breaking point’ and in which parts of the media routinely demonize migrants and refugees.”

Cox also accused Farage of “spreading prejudice towards Romanians” and decried rising levels of intolerance across the world. 

“In France, the National Front leader, Marine Le Pen, smears Muslims,” Cox wrote. “In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban peddles hatred of refugees.

“In Britain, the former leader of Ukip, Nigel Farage, spreads prejudice toward Romanians. And in the United States, the Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, insults Mexicans and Muslims.”

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