John McDonnell Attacks Tom Watson’s ‘Unacceptable’ Bid To Change Labour Leadership Rules

The overwhelming majority of Labour MPs do not support Corbyn. But McDonnell told them to act in a “comradely” way after the leadership result.

“If there are issues they are concerned about, if it is about the leadership, if it is about policies, if it is about the style of operation, if it is about competence, work with us. Let’s be honest, if there is a criticism about how we have operated over the last 12 months, tell us straightforwardly and we can resolve this,” he said.

And he claimed Labour had been “winning elections” until the majority of the shadow cabinet quit and triggered a leadership contest in June. “In that last raft of half a dozen polls we were level and we were going ahead of the Tories, we thought we were laying the foundations for electoral victory,” he said.

Corbyn has held over 35 campaign rallies during the leadership contest, and McDonnell said they had been “enormous” and had spoken to over 100,000 people. “In Ramsgate, 2,000 people on the beach, the only thing that shut him up was the tide coming in,” he said of his ally.

The result of the Labour leadership contest will be announced at midday on Saturday at the start of the party’s annual conference in Liverpool.

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