John McDonnell Promises ‘Socialism’ With Plans For £10 Minimum Wage And Tax Crackdown

Amid MPs anger at calls for deselection, McCluskey suggested that those who disagreed with Corbyn should quit the party.

“I ask all of you not to be debilitated by the media and those in our own ranks who seek to undermine your confidence in the fight that lies ahead,” he told the conference.

“And so I say to the merchants of doom – in the words of Shakespeare’s Henry the Fifth: ‘If you have no stomach for this fight – depart the battlefield’.”

A raft of groups welcomed the new living wage pledge, from trade unions to charities.

Alison Garnham of the Child Poverty Action Group said: “Today’s announcement is good news for the legion of working families on the minimum wage who our research shows can’t achieve a basic, no-frills living standard even if two parents work full time.”

Mark Serwotka, PCS Union general secretary, also welcomed the promise of a new tax crackdown unit and the doubling of tax investigator numbers.

“It makes no economic or logical sense to keep cutting staff and resources in the department that brings in the taxes that fund the other public services we all rely on,” he said.

But business groups had a mixed reaction.

Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, said: “businesses will be wary of his combative tone in places and a focus on extensive intervention”.

“The headlines created by a few irresponsible companies do not apply to the vast majority, which are focused on seizing investment opportunities to grow, creating new jobs, and supporting skills development.”

The British Chamber of Commerce said: “Businesses would welcome a massively expanded infrastructure programme because it helps get the fundamentals right, but their confidence would be undermined by a wave of new regulation and compliance regimes.”

But Mike Cherry, National Chairman at the Federation of Small Businesses, said:
“FSB welcomes the high-profile announcement from John McDonnell that the Opposition will look at expanding the Employment Allowance.”

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