John McDonnell Says Jeremy Corbyn Should Be Facing A Woman In Labour Leadership Contest

Attacking the “hysteria” of Labour MPs in the wake of the Brexit vote, McDonnell said it was unfair to criticise Corbyn for not campaigning hard enough for ‘Remain’ given the anti-EU feeling in large parts of the country.

“He did more meetings more campaigning than any other shadow cabinet member,” McDonnell said. “Look at some of the people criticising him now, look at what happened in their constituencies,” he said.

McDonnell said he hoped Corbyn won the leadership contest with a “bigger majority” than he did with 2015. And he recalled the difficultly Corbyn had even getting enough nominations last year when, as his friend’s campaign manager, he had to persuade and cajole MPs to lend their support. “I offered to sleep with people, that didn’t work, no offers,” he joked.

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