Jon Stewart rips Donald Trump during gift event

The year late night picked a side

Jon Stewart might no longer be a horde of “The Daily Show,” though that doesn’t meant he doesn’t have something to contend about Donald Trump and a 2016 election.

Stewart non-stop a 10th Annual “Stand Up For Heroes,” an eventuality hold by a Bob Woodruff Foundation and a New York Comedy Festival that helps support veterans and their families, on Tuesday night with a 15 notation set about a competition for a presidency.

“To be here tonight with we guys, my heroes, on a eve of a final American choosing is so exciting,” Stewart pronounced to a assembly during a Theater during Madison Square Garden. “I’m not in a diversion anymore. I’m not as most of a domestic analyst… though if we could ask we a doubt that I’ve been observant to my television, it’s ‘What a [expletive deleted]? What the [expletive deleted] is going on? What is happening?!'”

The former horde of a Comedy Central satirical news uncover afterwards went on to contend that following a leaked fasten of Donald Trump creation coarse comments final month he suspicion a choosing was over, though nonetheless a week out here we are.

“I suspicion when a male got off a train and says, ‘I’m going to squeeze her on a [expletive deleted],’ afterwards okay, we’re done. The choosing is over,” Stewart pronounced to large laughs. “Usually that is a signifier that we don’t have to compensate courtesy anymore.”

Stewart combined that a idiocy has usually left adult from there for Trump and his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“Then a FBI jumps in, and all of a remarkable there’s a whole new thing… and afterwards it goes behind to Anthony Weiner?” Stewart pronounced perplexed. “This is insane… as a writer, honestly, a initial lady boss and she’s taken down by Bush and Weiner, like, that’s only bad writing.”

Stewart, who late from his “Daily Show” post in Aug 2015, told a assembly that he didn’t skip covering it all saying he was a “turd-miner for 16 years” and was excellent giving it up.

Yet, a comedian took a possibility on theatre to take some-more shots during one of his favorite “Daily Show” targets: Donald Trump.

“Dude, we live in a building with your name on it in gold,” Stewart pronounced about Trump’s claims that a complement was fraudulent opposite him. “How good would we be doing if a male wasn’t gripping we down?”

He afterwards told a prolonged story about how Trump called him out on Twitter in 2013 over Stewart changing his name from Leibowitz. This led to a fight of difference between a dual that eventually led to Stewart observant Trump’s strange name was “[expletive deleted] Von Clownstick.”

The Twitter fight was Stewart’s instance of a intensity President Trump temperament, or miss thereof.

“Vote wisely this Nov 8,” Stewart said.

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