Ken Loach Defends Jeremy Corbyn Accusing Media Of Bias On ITV’s The Agenda

A study by the London School of economics published earlier this year found 75% of the media “misrepresented” Corbyn.

It found: 

“Our analysis shows that Corbyn was thoroughly delegitimised as a political actor from the moment he became a prominent candidate and even more so after he was elected as party leader, with a strong mandate. This process of delegitimisation occurred in several ways: 1) through lack of or distortion of voice; 2) through ridicule, scorn and personal attacks; and 3) through association, mainly with terrorism.”

Last week Loach praised Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell on the BBC’s Question Time.

He said both men were “good leaders” and told fellow panellist, Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary, Keir Starmer, to “follow what they say”.

Loach was responding to a question from an audience member relating to Heathrow expansion and climate change during which he lamented the lack of unity in the Labour party.

He said: “It [a third runway] is an absolutely stupid decision, it’s unrealistic and it is disastrous.

“And I do wish for once the Labour MPs would follow the wisdom of their leaders Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell and stick with what they say.”

Then, pointing Starmer, added: “They’re good leaders, follow what they say.”

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