Kids opinion Clinton in Nickelodeon contest

Moody's choosing prediction: Hillary Clinton wins big

Win or remove Tuesday, Hillary Clinton has prisoner a feat from one organisation of Americans — children.

Kids this weekend picked Clinton as a leader of this year’s Kids Pick a President voting contest, hosted by Nickelodeon.

The Democrat perceived 53% of a some-more than 900,000 votes cast. Republican Donald Trump warranted 36%, and Libertarian Gary Johnson won 11%. Nickelodeon collected votes from Oct 28 by Nov 5.

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The online check is spontaneous and not scientific. Nickelodeon markets a contest, that has been hold for any presidential choosing given 1988, as party meant to “amplify kids’ voices and opinions and lift their recognition of a electoral process.”

The radio network records that kids have rightly selected a subsequent boss in 6 out of a final 7 presidential elections. They chose Democrat John Kerry in 2004 over contingent winner, Republican obligatory George W. Bush.

The 26th Amendment to a U.S. Constitution, validated in 1971, determined that anyone 18 or comparison might vote.

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