Labour Doesn’t Need Trot Scare Stories

I had to rub my eyes when I read these remarks by Tom in his recent interview in The Guardian: “I think it’s highly likely there’ll be an early election. I mean, if you’re Theresa May, with a majority of 12, with your Brexit fanatics already saying you’re not going quickly enough to get us out of the European Union, with having sacked too many people from the frontbench who are just looking for the opportunity for her to stumble, and with a double-digit lead in the polls, then even though on day one you might not think you’re going to have an early election, I think it’s almost inevitable you’ll get to a point where you have to. If you were Theresa May, why wouldn’t you? Honestly, why wouldn’t you? You’d get your own mandate, you’d have the easiest run at the election you could imagine, and in all likelihood you’d come back with a bigger majority. Why wouldn’t you do that?”

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