Labour Leadership Election: Owen Jones Lays Out Plan For Jeremy Corbyn Election Success

Regardless of the behind-the-scenes dealings of the campaign, the first task of whoever wins will be to try and reunite Labour.

The latest topic to divide members is that of who should elect the shadow cabinet.

Corbyn and shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, are currently locked in a battle with deputy leader, Tom Watson, over leadership election rules.

Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, has proposed giving MPs the right to choose the party’s frontbench as a way of “bringing the band back together” following a bitter leadership contest.

However Corbyn has lent his support to the idea of allowing Labour members to choose some of the shadow cabinet – a move that would likely ensure he can keep key allies in post.

Watson has also proposed the NEC scrap the current leadership rules, including the registered supporters category which was seen as key to Corbyn’s 2015 victory, and return to an electoral college system.

You can read Jones’ full blog on the topic here.

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