Labour MP Who Quit In ‘Coup’ Vows Not To Return To Frontbench Despite Jeremy Corbyn’s Unity Plea

A Labour MP who resigned in protest at Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership confirmed today she would not be returning to the front bench despite his call for unity.

Speaking just minutes after Corbyn was re-elected as Labour leader with an increased majority, Gloria De Piero said she would remain on the backbenches.

De Piero quit as Shadow Minister for Young People and Voter Registration in the wake of the EU referendum, along with many colleagues.

Speaking to HuffPost UK in a Facebook live interview, De Piero said: “I’ve always said that whoever won my priority right now is to speak to my constituents in Ashfield and actually talk to them about what they think the Labour Party should be, what they want the Labour party to deliver for communities like mine, and so I am going to enjoy challenging the Tories from the backbenches.”

Gloria De Piero interview starts at 13.20

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