Labour MPs Who ‘Mugged’ Jeremy Corbyn ‘In Cold Blood’ Should Now Back Him, Shami Chakrabarti Warns

In a further sign of the distrust in the party, HuffPost UK has been passed extracts from internal party emails claiming that the deputy leader has been operating a so-called “Project Anaconda” with Shadow Cabinet reforms and wider NEC proposals.

“’Project Anaconda’…will involve isolating and weakening JC and ultimately crushing the life out of his leadership,” one email claimed.  

“Every concession JC makes will be used to tighten the grip.” 

Sources close to Watson said the claims were “ridiculous” and that neither he nor anyone close to him had used the phrase.

Last week the NEC agreed to widen its membership to include Scottish and Welsh Labour reps, a move that could swing the balance of power on the ruling body to an “anti-Corbyn” majority.

The Labour leader has vowed to “wipe the slate clean” and reach out to his opponents if he is re-elected, despite a bitter summer contest that saw MPs challenge the party membership’s choice.

Several MPs who quit the frontbench in June could be tempted back in a bid to unite to fight the Tory government.

But Lord Hain, the former Labour cabinet minister, also told Newsnight that Labour was  “facing the biggest crisis that the party has faced” if Corbyn supporters now used his victory to pursue critical MPs with deselection.

“The hard left around Jeremy have never had control of the party before, they have never had control of the leadership and they have never had control of the organisation,” he said.

“If they get that then they will have achieved what they want to achieve, which is control of the party rather than winning the country.”

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