Labour Party 2016 Conference: A Wasted Year Gone, A Promising Year Ahead

Sadiq Khan, Labour’s current star, had a very good, very stark and clear speech. He said, in no uncertain terms, that only in power you change things. He had the chance to show that he could rise above the in-fighting and solidify his position and standing with both new and old members. He chose not to. He did not mention or call for unity once. It was his moment to show what a united Labour party can achieve and become a rallying point for all Labour’s political wings . Unfortunately he did not. The same for Tom Watson, the deputy leader, who had a barn-storming speech that celebrated Labour’s many achievements. Yet, the only time he mentioned unity was when he addressed ironically a heckler by telling ‘Jeremy, she didn’t get the unity memo’. Both men’s speeches demonstrated an unwillingness to compromise for the greater good, preferring an act of defiance and borderline patronising Jeremy Corbyn.

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