Labour Party Conference 2016: ‘Anti-Semitic, Racist’ Leaflets Distributed Outside Momentum Event

The leaflets also asked “why is there so much emphasis on anti-Semitism, rather than other much more prevalent forms of racism?” and suggested the issue was being “exploited for factional goals”.

But they were condemned on Monday by Streeting, who reacted with shock to seeing such “troupe” being distributed at a conference in Labour’s honour. 

“To see this week at our conference, literature being distributed outside our own conference venue and outside an event that asks questions such as ‘Why is there such an emphasis on anti-Semitsm’; or a leaflet that also says, about the JLM, that taken as a whole it acts as a representative of a foreign power – that last comment isn’t ambiguous, this is classic anti-Semitic troupe.” 

He also branded the leaflet “undeniably racist” and said any Labour members found distributing it or espousing similar views should be barred for life from the party. 

There were also reports of Jewish Labour members being harassed at the main conference. Aaron Simons, who was staffing the Labour Friends Of Israel stall, revealed he was challenged by a delegate who blamed a plot to oust Jeremy Crobyn from the leadership on Jewish MPs.

Simons, a former history and politics student at Oxford University, recounted how the harasser blamed a millionaire donor, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale and ex-shadow business secretary Angela Eagle’s husband for Corbyn’s attempted removal.

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