Labour Staff Sent Official Advice On Coping With ‘Violent’ Conduct At Liverpool Conference

The conference will be preceded on Saturday by the announcement of the leadership election result, with Jeremy Corbyn widely expected to win again.

The party’s women’s conference will then start, followed by the full conference on Sunday.

The unprecedented tightening of security follows the revelation that Stoke-on-Trent MP Ruth Smeeth will be taking a “minder” to the annual conference following anti-semitic abuse she has received.

The MP has been taking advice from the police about security after receiving death threats online and a total of 25,000 abusive messages.

It emerged today that spending on MPs’ security has increased dramatically since the murder of Labour’s Jo Cox in June.

A crackdown on online behaviour was agreed by Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) on Tuesday after a summer in which MPs, activists, staff and others have all suffered threats and abuse on social media.

Labour members will in future be required to sign a pledge promising not to abuse anyone online or face being expelled from the party.

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