Labour Under Corbyn On Course To Be ‘Going Nowhere’ In 2017 Local Elections, Says Council Think Tank

Last year, the party’s fastest growing local party was in Colchester, where Labour has for years come third to the Tories and Liberal Democrats. Big increases in membership have been seen in Suffolk, Essex, Sussex, and even the Isle of Wight.

Corbyn has attracted big crowds in places like Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Norwich this summer.

But Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive of the LGiU, told HuffPost UK that he didn’t expect a corresponding increase in the number of seats won in traditionally Tory areas.

“The local elections in May will see the Conservatives tightening their grip over the counties except that the grip could hardly be much tighter. Labour will be starting from a low base and going nowhere,” he said.

“They struggle in the counties at the best of times and this is the worst of times. When counties last had elections in 2013, Labour were 6 points ahead in the polls and they still only took control of two counties, missing out on gaining full control in Staffordshire and Lancashire.

“Given they are now seven points behind it’s hard to see them making any progress at all. Indeed they will be doing well to retain control of the two counties they do have [Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire].”

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