Labour’s Appeal Over High Court Leadership Vote ‘Could See More Legal Action Against Party’

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell rejected the idea that allies of Corbyn support the ruling only because it could benefit the incumbent.

McDonnell, chairman of Mr Corbyn’s leadership campaign, said when people joined they were told “very clearly” they would be able to vote in the leadership contest and “to deny them that democratic right flies against all the traditions of our party”.

He insisted his support for the ruling was not because it could improve Corbyn’s chances of victory.

Mr Corbyn told BBC Newsnight that the court judgment seemed “very clear” that all party members should be allowed to vote.

“Surely that has to be the right decision,” he said.

There has also been speculation that general secretary Iain McNicol could face being ousted if the party loses its appeal as divisions within the party deepen still further.

A senior Labour source told the Press Association: “If Labour loses the appeal, the position of Iain McNicol becomes untenable.

“Having spent nearly a quarter million pounds on this legal case and staking his professional reputation on the outcome, if he loses today then he simply can’t stay in post.”


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