Labour’s Chris Bryant Chokes Back Tears As He Demands Apology For Deceased Gay And Bisexual MPs

Macnamara  was killed when the Germans bombarded him and his troops in Italy. Ronald Cartland was killed on the route back to Dunkirk.

Muirhead committed suicide just after the war had started. “It is often said that he did so because he was not able to fight, but I suspect it was actually because the newspapers were pursing him about his private life,” Bryant said.

Bernays, the Liberal MP for Bristol North, was killed in a plane crash over the Adriatic, again in military service. Victor Cazalet, the MP for Chippenham, died in an air crash.

The government’s scheme will make living people apply for their own pardon while the dead will be pardoned automatically.

Nicolson said: “They will not apply for this. They will not open themselves up to the shame and humiliation.”

During the Commons session, Tory MP Nigel Adams was applauded too as he said sorry for voting against gay marriage, admitting: “I got it wrong”.

The Selby and Ainsty MP was one of 175 MPs who opposed same-sex marriage in 2013 when David Cameron defied his backbenchers to push it through. 

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