Labour’s NEC: Tom Watson’s Shadow Cabinet Elections Plan Delayed Until Saturday

Under wider reforms, the Scottish Labour party will become ‘fully autonomous’, with control over the selection of all its Parliamentary candidates and management of all the constituency Labour parties north of the border.

The NEC agreed 22 other party rule changes as part of a package of reforms.

Among other changes approved were moves to crack down on online abuse by making all existing and new members sign a pledge about behaviour on social media – or face being barred.

The long-awaited social media guidelines state that all party members will have to sign a pledge “to act within the spirit and rules of the Labour party in my conduct both on and offline, with members and non-members”.

They will have to sign a statement that “I stand against all forms of abuse. I understand that if found to be in breach of the Labour party policy on online and offline abuse, I will be subject to the rules and procedures of the Labour party.”

The party also approved rule changes to increase black and ethnic minority representation and support for local councillors.

Momentum founder Jon Lansman, a key ally of the Labour leader, said that the NEC decisions were mixed, with “some good.. some not so good [news]”

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