Lara Spencer to bear hip deputy medicine during 47

Lara Spencer announced on Thursday morning that she’ll be undergoing hip deputy medicine this Saturday.

“I waited for a prolonged time before we did anything about it or told anyone since it’s an aged person’s problem and we only couldn’t trust it,” a “Good Morning America” co-anchor shared on the ABC show.

Spencer, 47, has led a really active lifestyle — carrying once been a rival diver at Penn State. Today, she’s an zealous tennis player. “I adore sports, we adore being active, we adore severe myself,” she said. “I was a jock flourishing adult from a time we could walk.”

Dr. Peter Moley tells a uncover that 10 percent of all hip-replacement patients are underneath a age of 50.

Spencer pronounced she has a genetic proclivity to hip dysplasia. “It was annoying to share and afterwards we satisfied there is zero to be broke about,” she said.

“If we don’t speak about it, we can’t repair it, so I’m happy if we can save one chairman from not carrying to go by a pain,” Spencer explained.

As a mom of dual painted, the pain had turn too formidable to manage. “There is no ignoring it during this point,” Spencer said. “I only wish to contend anybody out there who suffers with ongoing pain, we feel you. It takes over your life. It affects we emotionally, mentally, physically. You can't sleep. It’s tough to consider about. It’s chewing during we all a time.”

Although she’s a rival athlete, she’s “terrified” to go underneath a knife. But as ABC News Chief Women’s Health Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains, “Spencer will be walking on her new hip a same day as surgery. She can design to bear another 3 to 6 months of rehabilitation.”

“What we wish we would have finished is only taken caring of this earlier and oral up,” Spencer noted.

This essay creatively appeared in a New York Post’s Page Six.

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