Larry Wilmore signs off of ‘Nightly Show,’ hints during TV future

Comedian Larry Wilmore‘s late-night speak uncover “The Nightly Show was canceled by Comedy Central progressing this week due to muted ratings. Thursday’s part was a final one, and Wilmore gave his uncover a bittersweet send-off, with an support from Jon Stewart.

Wilmore’s aged “Daily Show” trainer (and “Nightly Show” executive producer) stopped by to dump off a bottle of champagne. “Did we piss off Peter Thiel?” Stewart joked, referencing a tech billionaire’s takedown of

Stewart told Wilmore he loves him and suggested him “do not upset termination with failure.”

At a finish of a show, Wilmore gave his final pointer off, thanking Comedy Central, Jon Stewart, a staff of “The Nightly Show,” his fans and even his haters.

And he kept it 100 with his final 4 words: “I’m not finished yet.”

Wilmore hasn’t announced his subsequent pierce yet, though he has other projects he could get some-more concerned in — he’s an executive writer on ABC’s “Black-ish” and HBO’s arriving sitcom “Insecure.”

“The Nightly Show’s” 11:30 p.m. time container will be filled by”@midnight” for a time being while Comedy Central looks for a permanent replacement.


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