Last Night Of The Proms: Brexiters And Remainers In Angry Flag Clash Ahead Of Iconic British Event

“This one has been around longer than yours,” a man clad in a red jacket distributing Union Jacks shouted at him.

He added: “And this one is better designed than yours as well.”

The pro-Remain campaigner was undeterred and continued his effort to give away the flags, at one point shouting “supported by the Musicians’ Union” – a group that opposed Brexit and represents 90% of those playing tonight. 

Another woman, clad in a St George’s cross outfit, stood on the steps leading up to the Royal Albert Hall enthusiastically waving an EU flag and repeatedly shouting: “British, European and lesbian”. 

Others posted pictures from inside the event. Academic Franck Pichaud posed for a photo with his EU flag – and French wine. 

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