Lawsuit alleges Royal Caribbean done no try to save male who died after descending overboard

The father of a male who died after descending overboard on a Royal Caribbean journey is suing a line, claiming a association unsuccessful to make a timely try to save him or to redeem a physique after he fell.

In Nov. 2015, Bernardo Garcia Teixeira was reputed passed after he fell into a water during a Caribbean cruise. Garcia Teixeira and his father Erik Elbaz were reportedly concerned in a domestic brawl before incident. Cruise line authorities and military confirmed during a time that Garcia Teixeira intentionally jumped off a stateroom balcony. 

The complaint, filed Tuesday in Miami Federal Court by Elbaz, alleges that he and Teixeira were subjected to “repeated homophobic taunts and slurs” and other descent behaviors from crewmembers even before a Nov. 6 tragedy, reports Courthouse News Service.

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The derisive escalated, says Elbaz, and on Nov. 5, one Royal Caribbean worker reportedly called his father a “pedophile.” According to a suit, a dual group returned to their room and began articulate aloud about being mistreated. 

Crewmembers and confidence officers were called to a couple’s room and, a fit says, threatened to detain Garcia. At a time of a incident, crewmembers reported that furnishings in a room had been shop-worn before authorities arrived. 

The group began arguing with a officers and, a fit says, during some indicate Garcia Teixeira fell off a stateroom balcony, alighting on a life vessel below. He was means to hang on for a few mins before descending into a ocean. 

“Several RCCL confidence officers and/or crewmembers grabbed Mr. Garcia by his arms and had a reason of him for several minutes, though eventually unsuccessful to secure and rescue him from descending overboard,” a censure says.

Elbaz says he begged a ship’s officials to stop a vessel and sequence a hunt and rescue goal immediately though claims he was discharged and told to “calm down.”

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The U.S. Coast Guard did perform a search-and-rescue operation after being told by Royal Caribbean, though Garcia’s physique was never found. Elbaz says Royal Caribbean “failed to muster life boats within a reasonable time.”

In 2015, a Cruise Lines International Association, told Yahoo News that about 20 people—out of 22 million passengers– tumble off journey ships annually.

Elbaz is seeking saving indemnification on claims of negligence, conscious detriment of romantic trouble and defilement of a High Seas Act.

Royal Caribbean was not immediately accessible for comment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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