Let History Judge The Vandalism Of Trump’s Star

However, whilst I most certainly don’t condone violence and vandalism, I understand that it isn’t always easy to be so rational, when faced daily with injustice and prejudice. I can imagine the level of blood-boiling that walking over that star every day might induce in someone… In a way, a bit like walking past that statue of Saddam that the Iraqi people couldn’t wait to tear down…Perhaps to some people in the US, this extreme vandalism WAS a ‘creative’ approach. And perhaps the fact that a replacement, rather than the original star, will always sit there now will serve two purposes: 1) Appease the Trump-lovers, as they’ve got their star back, so will feel that they have ‘won’; 2) Be a strong and unequivocal reminder in the history books of the strength of feeling against Trump. Perhaps an even better reminder than simply saying: ‘There were protests’.

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