Lib Dems Mock Owen Smith With A Little Song, Tell Tony Blair To ‘F** Off And Die’

Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith has been mocked. In song. By the Liberal Democrats.

Every year at the Lib Dem conference, party members unwind with a late night Glee Club sing-along. The tradition sees popular tunes reworded with a political angle.

This year in Brighton, the songbook included this ditty (to be sung to the theme from Robin Hood).

Owen Smith, Owen Smith,
Always on TV
Owen Smith, Owen Smith
Who the hell is he?
Hated by the left, loathed by the right?
What a shite, what a shite, what a shite

As usual, Tony Blair was also the target of Lib Dem singing. The “Tony Blair can fuck off and die” song is a favourite of the Glee Club – and was penned in the mid-1990s when there was talk of a Lib-Lab alliance. 

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