Lily Allen Claims London Cabbie Branded Her A ‘Stupid Tart’ Over Child Refugee Row

Lily Allen has claimed a London taxi driver branded her a “stupid tart” over her intervention in the row over child refugees, and told to find an “immigrant” to drive her around instead.

In a post on Twitter, the singer said she was accosted by one of London’s Black Cab drivers when she tried to hail a taxi with her children. 

She alleged the cabbie refused them entry into his car after her supportive stance on vulnerable minors trapped in Calais. 

Allen said she was told by the cabbie on Friday: “Find an immigrant to drive you, you stupid tart.”

The singer made a video earlier this month from the French migrant camp known as ‘The Jungle’ in which she apologised “on behalf of Britain” when she met an Afghan boy trapped there. 

Allen, 31, has faced a media barrage from newspapers who branded her a “sobbing luvvie” and suggested she was spoilt.  

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