Lisa Nandy Signals She Won’t Return To Corbyn’s Top Team Without Shadow Cabinet Elections

She said Jones “texted me about 100 times that week”. She joked: “And then he took to Twitter to try and mobilise his army of followers to try and browbeat a new mum into standing for the leadership of the Labour party, as I told him by text!”

When asked if she had ruled out ever becoming Labour leader, Nandy replied:  “I didn’t come into politics to be leader of the Labour party, that’s the honest truth.

“The truth is if we are going to face up to the challenges we have got and we are going to build an underlying public philosophy and a vision for the future as it could be, it’s not going to come from me, or Dan Jarvis, or Chuka, sitting in a room by ourselves working up our grand vision for the future.

“That’s really the challenge. It’s not who gets to wear the biggest badge, it’s who can play a part when and how and how we build a better team in the Labour party.”

Nandy added over the last six years she had seen that  “the presidential model we have of leadership is broken”.

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