Margaret Beckett Attacks Jeremy Corbyn ‘Fan Club’

Jeremy Corbyn’s personal “fan club” is damaging Labour, a former acting party leader has warned.

Dame Margaret Beckett said on Monday it appeared some of the thousands of people who had joined Labour had done so just to support Corbyn and nothing else.

She told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:”In principle everyone should be happy that more people are wanting to join the party, as long as it is the Labour Party they’re wanting to join.

“We have had examples of people saying ‘I want to join the Labour Party because of Jeremy but of course if he ceases to be the leader I shall leave’. Those are not members of the Labour Party, those are members of a fan club.”

“It’s perfectly nice and legitimate thing to be a member of a fan club and they may get a great deal of satisfaction from it but that doesn’t mean you belong to the Labour Party.

“I’ll be sorry to think that vast numbers of those people in fact do not really want to be in the Labour Party, they just want to support Jeremy.”

Dame Margaret also dismissed any suggestion Corbyn was being unfairly targeted in the leadership contest with Owen Smith.

“This is not about persecuting some innocent little saint who happens to have become the leader of the Labour Party,” she said.

“This is about whether or not we have an alternative to the present government which otherwise will be set free to wreck people’s lives, as I fear that they will.”

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