Message To Donald Trump: The Clean Energy Transition Is Not Up

This was telling, because what’s now clear is that climate action is taking place beyond federal level. It is being driven in cities, regions and businesses all across the world – and this makes progress towards a low-carbon future unstoppable.

In the US, 17 state governors, representing 40% of the US population, recently signed the Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future to co-operate on electricity grids and lowering the costs of clean transport.

33 mayors of US cities, in both Democrat and Republican states, have issued an open letter to the President-elect, asking for him to support action on “the greatest challenge of our time”, the impacts of which “are a clear and present danger to American interests at home and abroad.”

Mayors, governors and legislators are all taking action to protect the interests of their constituents. Ahead of Michael Bloomberg’s Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures publishing recommendations to the Financial Stability Board this winter, over 100 global legislators are gearing up to call on their stock exchange comptrollers to introduce greater disclosure of high-carbon assets. US Congressmen and women are determined to risk-manage a financial crisis that would make 2008 look like a minor blip.

So while Donald Trump makes up his “open mind” on climate change, the shift to a net zero global economy is accelerating on the ground. Although America’s new President can hold back American progress, he cannot fundamentally derail the irreversible transition to a low carbon future.

But as always in politics time matters – last week new figures showed global temperatures at a new high for the third year running, and, with poignant timing, that Arctic sea ice is now smaller than the previous record low for this time of year – by how much you ask?

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