Michael Gove On Tory Leadership Election Mistakes: ‘I’d Have Sacked Me Too’

“But I think that at the end of the six years, particularly given the way in which certain decisions were taken by me, I think it was probably right for Theresa to want me out of her government and have a fresh start.”

Gove said he had made a “series” of mistakes but refused to directly mention the incident that saw many accuse him of stabbing Johnson in the back after their comradeship during the EU referendum campaign.

He admitted: “During the leadership election I made a series of mistakes, and I think therefore it was right for Theresa to say ‘Michael you’ve blotted your copy book and I need a fresh start and a new team’.

“That seems to me to be eminently sensible.

“Of course it’s a wrench if you’ve been a minister and you’re enjoying your job as I was when I was Justice Secretary, but if I’d been in Theresa’s position I’d have sacked me too.”

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