Michael Gove Renews Attack On ‘Expert’ Economists, Defends Nigel Farage

The former minister said that he had been referring only to a “sub-class” of economists and pollsters.

“In the now notorious comment that I made..the point I made is not that all experts are wrong, that’s manifestly nonsense – expert engineers, expert doctors, expert physicists.

“But there is a sub-class of experts, particularly economists, pollsters, social scientists, who really do need to reflect on some of the mistakes that they’ve made in the same way as a politician I’ve reflected on some of the mistakes that I’ve made.”

Gove went on: “Economists overall have to recognise that their profession is in crisis, that the economic profession failed to predict the 2008 financial crash.

“Economists in the past argued almost to a man and woman that we should enter the single currency. They were proven wrong. And then professionally they were proven wrong about the impact of Britain voting to leave the European Union.” 

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