Mick Hucknall’s Jeremy Corbyn UB40 Joke Is Pretty Brutal But Quite Funny

And it turns out Hucknall isn’t quite finished with his scathing criticism of the Labour leader.

On Monday, veteran reggae band UB40 endorsed Corbyn’s leadership campaign saying he had “re-ignited an interest in politics for people who no longer felt included, and engaged and inspired a new generation of young voters who, for the first time, believe that they have an incorruptible politician who truly represents them.”

The band added: “For these reasons he has our full support as leader of a genuine, believable Labour Party.”

Unfortunately UB40 are far from united – there are actually two UB40’s after five of the original eight members replaced singer Ali Campbell with his brother, Duncan sparking an acrimonious legal battle still to be resolved. 

The irony of their endorsement was not lost on Hucknall.

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