Mike Hookem Accuses Steven Woolfe Of Starting ‘Attack’ At Ukip MEP Meeting

Ukip MEP Mike Hookem today broke silence for the first time since reports of an altercation with Steven Woolfe left his colleague hospitalised and in a serious condition. 

Hookem claimed Woolfe started the brawl, saying “he approached me to attack me”, but insisted no punches were thrown between the pair. 

“He came at me, I defended myslef. There was no punches thrown, no face slapping, no digs, there was nothing,” he told the BBC on Friday.

“As people in Hull would say, it was handbags at dawn – a bit of a scuffle.”

Hookem said the pair had entered a room in the European Parliament through separate doors when the row broke out. 

The Ukip defence spokesperson, a former army man, said Woolfe fell back through the door he entered through and on to another MEP. 

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