Milo Yiannopoulos Speech To Kent Grammar School Cancelled After Counter-Extremism Unit Steps In

“If there’s a reason why Milo and his colleagues have clout and infamy, it’s precisely because you treat them like this. You bloody fools.” 

However, others have said there is no place for extreme views in Britain’s schools. 

Two former Langton pupils wrote an open letter objecting to the school inviting Yiannopoulos to speak at the school. 

“Inviting Milo to talk is not an example of ‘supporting free speech’ it is actively encouraging him to spout his far-right views to young men,” Kit Caless and Gary Budden wrote. 

“Simon Langton School is actively permitting and encouraging a proponent of hate speech to speak in their grounds.” 

The announcement of Yiannopoulos’ appearance also led the National Union of Teachers to complain that he should not be given a platform, accusing him of being against “the British value of tolerance” and encouraging racism and sexism. 

The grammar school, which expelled Yiannopoulos when he was a student there, said objection to the talk had come “almost entirely from people with no direct connection to the Langton”. 

“The staff and students of the school were overwhelmingly in favour,” headteacher Dr Matthew Baxter said. 

“While disappointed that both the pastoral care and intellectual preparation we offer to our students has been called into question, we at the Langton remain committed to the principle of free speech and open debate and will resist, where possible, all forms of censorship.” 

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