Miss Bollywood Priyanka Chopra takes on a FBI

“I like winning,” Priyanka Chopra says about apropos Miss World during 18. She sounds like an Indian Donald Trump, though with eyelids that work, scarcely 5 million some-more Twitter followers, and somewhat improved hair.

Now Chopra is scheming to browbeat deteriorate dual of her initial U.S. TV show, ABC’s “Quantico,” about FBI trainees who all seem to have during slightest one plot-upending secret. The twists offer an critical function: giving Chopra a possibility to uncover off her operation of astounded faces. Her impression went outward to get accepting on a phone call with a terrorist, and her crony got blown up? Shocked and devastated! The partisan she’s in adore with is married? Shocked and angry! But a matrimony is only partial of his cover? Shocked and personally relieved! “They’re called ‘act enders.’ I’m unequivocally good during them,” she says, correctly.

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Thanks to her work in Bollywood, she’s also good during dancing and singing, which, formed on Indian cinema I’ve seen on tongue-tied in artsy bars, is important. When asked either “Quantico” or subsequent summer’s film reconstitute of “Baywatch” (her role: “billionaire bombshell”) has a expel some-more expected to mangle out in Bollywood-style song, she says, “’Baywatch,’ for sure. we mean, they’re already using in delayed motion. They’re going to dance.”

Although Chopra has a 22-person entourage, there is one thing she has to do on her own: find an apartment. She’s doing it right now, while we’re on a phone. This is a 20th she’s looked at, and she unequivocally likes it. Chopra claims I’m her propitious charm. we feel like her 23rd assistant. This really deserves a dance.

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