Momentum Conference Stuffed With Anti-Labour Speakers

The list also features Amina Ginchinga, who stood against Labour in May 2016. In April she told political website Red Pepper that Labour needed to be challenged in her borough.

“I’ve been brought up in Newham and there is a strong Labour council there, probably the strongest in the country. They keep getting elected time and time again, and because they’re not getting challenged they’re running riot in our borough”, she said.

“There are so many injustices happening. There are councillors that have properties that they are renting out and they’re not even fit for habitation; so what does it tell us about Labour?”

Mark Serwotka, the General Secretary of PCS union, and a former supporter of Socialist Alliance and the Respect party, is also speaking at the conference. He was denied a vote in the 2015 Labour leadership contest for not sharing the party’s aims.

Jeremy Corbyn, John Mcdonnell, Diane Abbott and Clive Lewis are to make appearances. Organisers have denied it is a rival conference.

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