Momentum Dispatches Investigation Contains ‘Slurs’ And Inaccuracies, Corbyn-Supporting Group Claims

“Dispatches and Gesh Mohammed have exploited two of the strongest attributes of Momentum and the Jeremy for Labour campaign: their enthusiastic and young activists and their open, welcoming approach,” the spokesperson said. “Gesh initially volunteered for Momentum before joining Jeremy for Labour as a paid staff member.

“On the campaign, she worked on the volunteer mobilisation team, spending a significant amount of time mobilising Momentum activists on behalf of the campaign. Gesh’s work was highly regarded, she was a vital part of a vibrant, close-knit team, and considered a friend by many. Her dishonest actions have disappointed and hurt a number of people, but most especially many of the young volunteers she worked so closely with.

“Gesh covertly filmed and recorded people, including young campaigners (under 18) and others who were in the campaign offices or at open meetings over an extended period. Those of the accusations made on the basis of information gained by Gesh which are true are freely admitted. Many of them are a matter of public record.

“Others could have been learned by openly attending public meetings, or by simply asking a question, rather than through lying. Other “allegations” are, properly analysed, slurs or matters of opinion which will raise more concerns about the impartiality of the broadcaster than anything else.”

HuffPost UK contacted Channel 4 for a response and to confirm the allegations, but had not received a response by the time of publication.

The Dispatches programme ‘The Battle For The Labour Party’ is scheduled to be broadcast at 7.25pm on Monday 19 September.

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