Momentum’s Jackie Walker, Accused Of Anti-Semitism, Urged To Leave Labour By Union Leader

The Guardian reported on Thursday evening that Momentum’s steering committee is seeking to remove Walker and would meet on Monday to confirm this.

Just before Cortes issued his statement, Walker appeared on Channel 4 News to defend herself, saying there was a difference between being anti-Zionist and an anti-Semite.

She said: “I certainly wouldn’t call myself an anti-Semite as I am Jewish and my partner is Jewish.”

When host Cathy Newman was put it to Walker that comments about Holocaust Memorial Day were “plain wrong” and “offensive”, Walker said: “Why I would want to hurt people’s feelings?

“Of course I’m sorry if any offence was given. I actually think that whoever leaked this story in the way they did from a training event had malicious intent in their mind.” 

She tried to clarify she had meant the day only commemorates genocides that took place after The Second World War.

She called the Holocaust “an awful, extraordinary event,” adding: “Jews should have a day when they celebrate it… As a person of mixed heritage, both African and Jewish, I felt ‘why is that cut-off point in the 1940s?”

When asked if she would resign, Walker said: “Other prominent Jewish groups, of which I’m a member, think a very different thing…

“What we have to look at when we’re talking about this subject, is the political differences underlying it as well.”

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