Moto calls out Samsung for ‘stealing’

See Samsung's new Galaxy Note 7

Smartphone manufacturers are anticipating it harder to make products that mount out. So what to do?

Many have depressed behind to aged playground-like strategy of finger indicating and throwing out disses to get attention.

Moto, which transitioned divided from a Motorola branding progressing this year, became a latest association to take this proceed when it indicted Samsung of ripping off a “always-on” arrangement underline on Thursday.

In a twitter sent from a company’s U.S. Twitter account, Moto used a joke on a word “galaxy” to skilfully though directly take aim during a South Korean competitor’s Galaxy smartphone line.

“In what universe is it fine to take aspirant phones’ cold features?” a twitter asks. “#TheOriginalAlwaysOnDisplay #motozdroid.”

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The new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, that went on sale on Friday, lets users capacitate screens to invariably arrangement things like a time and notifications, though carrying to clear their devices.

It’s a underline that done a Moto X special behind in 2013, that gives a association some means to move adult a past. But even Moto can’t explain it was a strange creator of a underline given it initial showed adult on Nokia’s Lumia phone.

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Samsung has not nonetheless responded to a ask for comment, though a U.S.-based Twitter accounts were bustling compelling a Note 7.

The association has a possess repute of going after competitors, generally Apple. At a new Note 7 launch event, Samsung execs done a indicate of explaining that a device has a headphone jack — holding a puncture during Apple (AAPL, Tech30) over rumors that a new iPhone will embankment a port.

Meanwhile, both Google (GOOGL, Tech30) and Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) have taken shots during Apple in new ads this month.

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