MPs To Debate Theresa May’s ‘Disgraceful’ Use Of EU Nationals As Brexit ‘Bargaining Chips’

Home Office figures showed hate crimes rose by 41% in the month after the UK voted to quit the EU. In September, a Polish man, Arek Jozwik, was killed in Harlow.

Ambassador Rzegocki told the Lords EU Justice Sub-Committee that Polish nationals living in the UK were worried about whether they would be allowed to stay and the “uncertainty causes problems”.

“Two important things, first of all Poles are afraid about this hate crime situation and Polish media are very concerned about the situation in Britain,” Rzegocki said. 

SNP home affairs spokesperson Joanna Cherry said today: “The UK government’s disgraceful treatment of EU nationals brings shame on the country and is actively damaging our economy and society.

“Instead of using EU nationals as a bargaining chip in their blundering Brexit negotiations the UK government should instead follow the lead of the SNP Scottish Government and provide a cast-iron guarantee that their residency status will be protected.

“EU nationals make a huge and valued contribution to our society – they benefit our economy, they play a vital role in our public services, and they make our society richer and more diverse. They are our colleagues, friends and family members, and we should be honoured that they have chosen to make this country their home.

“The SNP will always stand up against prejudice and that includes the increasingly xenophobic policies and rhetoric being pursued by this Tory government – policies that threaten our open economy, damage our international reputation, and divide our society by pitting community against community.

“We would not expect the 1.2million UK citizens that live in other EU countries to be treated this way, and with race and religious hate crimes on the rise the UK government must accept its share of responsibility and stop fuelling division.”

Fox told the Tory conference: “I think we would all hope what we get is a totally open reciprocal agreement where UK citizens in other EU countries are free and welcome to stay there as would those who are settled in the UK.

“But again as the prime minister said. To give that away before we get into a negotiation would be to hand over one of our main cards in that negotiation and doesn’t necessarily make sense at this point.

“On the question of EU citizens. The prime minister made it very clear. We would like to be able to give a reassurance to EU nationals in the UK, that depends on reciprocation by other countries.”

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