Murdoch discusses Megyn Kelly agreement talks

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Rupert Murdoch usually did something frequency unusual: He gave an talk to one of his newspapers about agreement negotiations during one of his TV networks.

Murdoch told a Wall Street Journal that he would like to replenish a contracts of a dual biggest stars on Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly.

But he also laid a grounds for Kelly’s intensity depart from Fox.

While creation transparent that he doesn’t wish Kelly to leave, Murdoch told Journal contributor Joe Flint, “we have a low dais of talent, many of whom would give their right arm for her spot.”

Kelly is a 9 p.m. horde on Fox News. Her agreement is set to finish subsequent summer.

Through a Journal, Murdoch reliable that Kelly and Fox are in active negotiations about a new contract.

He pronounced he is kept adult to date on a talks “every notation of a day.”

Normally these kinds of talks occur in secret. Agents and TV executives ensure opposite probable leaks.

Case in point: Prime time CNN anchor Anderson Cooper recently renewed his deal, but a news usually came out around sources after a agreement was signed.

Kelly and Murdoch, on a other hand, are now effectively negotiating in public. Murdoch frequency grants interviews during all, so his preference to pronounce suggests some play behind a scenes.

Vanity Fair’s Sarah Ellison recently reported that Murdoch and his sons James and Lachlan, who jointly run 21st Century Fox, wish Kelly to replenish her agreement before she starts a book debate subsequent month.

Kelly’s book “Settle for More” comes out on Nov 15, and while she is compelling it she will positively be asked about her destiny during Fox.

Kelly has been demure to replenish so quickly, according to a chairman who has oral with her.

She is honestly ripped about staying during Fox, a network famous for a regressive bent, or relocating to another network.

Hosts like Kelly are infrequently limited from carrying grave talks with opposition networks until their contracts are about to expire.

But executives during other networks have done it transparent that they’d be meddlesome in articulate with her.

Kelly has one of a highest-rated shows on wire news, and she has talked about wanting to enlarge what she does, “in a capillary of Charlie Rose” or Oprah Winfrey, according to a Vanity Fair form progressing this year.

The Murdochs have many intensity outlets for Kelly, including a Fox promote network. But a primary time special she hosted in May did not live adult to (admittedly inflated) expectations.

A orator for Murdoch had no serve criticism on Wednesday night.

A mouthpiece for Kelly did not respond to a ask for comment.

The Journal story was posted online usually half an hour before Kelly’s uncover started. The title was “Megyn Kelly Seeks Salary North of $20 Million in Contract Talks With Fox News.”

O’Reilly, a 8 p.m. horde on Fox, gives Kelly a outrageous ratings lead-in each night. While his agreement has perceived reduction attention, it is due to finish during a finish of 2017, and Murdoch told a Journal that “we’re going to wish Bill to stay with us.”

O’Reilly was quoted in Jul as saying, “I don’t wish to work this tough most longer.”

Losing Kelly, O’Reilly or both hosts would emanate critical hurdles for Fox News.

The network already has to reinstate 7 p.m. horde Greta Van Susteren, who left in September. Her replacement, Brit Hume, has pronounced he will usually horde until Election Day.

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